Microprop CC

Microprop cc grows and propagates, using tissue culture and conventional methods, Ornamental, bulb, cutflower, berry plants.


Microprop cc has been involved in the production of blueberries since 1990. We produce a wide variety of "open" varieties; meaning varieties not protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) or Plant Patents. These are mostly varieties produced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). For a list of these varieties please click here. To order plants contact Microprop cc at pickwick@mweb.co.za.

We also have several strategic partners for whom we produce PBR protected varieties. These include United Exports and Top Fruit .

United Exports is the head licensee for varieties developed by Dave Mazodes, a talented plant breeder based in Australia, and his team. These varieties are marketed as OZblue varieties. United Exports not only is in charge of the cultivars but markets the fruit as well. If you are interested in becoming a partner/farmer in this project you will have to contact Roger Horak, CEO of United Exports.

The Top Fruit varieties are currently those developed by New Zealand Plant Food Research. For more information or to order plants you can contact Pieter Zietsman.

Microprop cc is also a supplier of specialized blueberry substrate developed and produced by Pindstrup . The product specs for this substrate can be found here. To trial or order this growing media you can contact Dr. Farringer.

Consulting services relating to berry production are available from Microprop cc. Dr. Farringer , (PhD Chemistry, MS Horticulture, BS Agriculture) has over twenty years experience in the production, farming and sales of blueberries and is available to consult.



Microprop cc produces a wide range of Garden and Landscape plants. Plants are produced as young plants (lining out stock in 128 or 45 count trays), splits (divisions) or as tissue cultured plants. Finished pot plants are also available within South Africa and where import regulations permit, outside the country as well.


Indoor Plants

Microprop cc produces tissue cultured young plants and finished pot plants of several popular house plant varieties. Plants are sold as 125 or 45 count tray lining out stock or in pot sizes ranging from 7 to 18cm. For overseas clients plants can be provided bareroot, straight from the agar.


Cut Flowers

Microprop cc is involved in the breeding and production of several new varieties of cut flowers.

The Namib series of Ornithogalum cut flower is currently one of the best cut flower type Ornithogalum dubium on the market. With a robust stem, reaching a length of 65-85 cm, pleasing yellow colour, and an incredible 5-6 weeks of vase life, this Ornithogalum is fast becoming the premier cutflower Ornithogalum on the market.

Our ongoing breeding program includes new varieties of Agapanthus inepertus and Ornithogalum.

For more information contact us at pickwick@mweb.co.za



Microprop CC markets a specialty range of bulbs indigenous to South Africa, including Ornithogalum, Watsonia, Lachenalia, Gladiolus, among others. These products are produced by tissue culture and conventional propagation and we pride ourselves in a high quality clean product.


Sale of young plants

Young plants of ornamentals and berries are sold in trays, please check our availability list for current stock values.

For more information contact us at pickwick@mweb.co.za

Availability List

Cut Flower Sales

Microprop cc is a supplier of ornithagalum, agapanthus, watsonia and other cut flowers. These are sold via Flora Holland (link) in the Netherlands, MultiFlora(Link) Johannesburg South Africa and on the farm in Groot Drakenstein, South Africa.

For more information contact us at pickwick@mweb.co.za.


Dr. Farringer has 30 years experience in the nursery and berry business, a PhD in Biochemistry, a MSc in Horticulture and Bsc in Agriculture. He is available for consulting and charges R6000 a day plus expenses within South Africa.

For more information contact us at pickwick@mweb.co.za.

Microprop cc has long standing relationships with several courier companies and agents that can deliver throughout South Africa and the World.
Microprop cc offers a 10% discount for payment upfront and a further 10% if the product is picked up on the farm.
Yes. We have a extensive breeding programs in ornathagalum and agapanthus and represent various breeders from around the world in other variaties.

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